The Offshoot Foundation runs a wide range of film making workshops - everything from music videos to zombie films!  Below are some examples of the different workshops we run - for more, be sure to check out our films page.

Our latest 2018 Autumn workshop NEACO - ‘Get into Film and TV Workshop’ is free to young people 13-18.


Film Making Workshops

Our film making workshops give young people a chance to bring their creative ideas to life - working in teams to create their own films from scratch.

From writing their scripts, starring in the films, to editing the final product - these workshops encourage their creativity through teamwork with their peers.

Working with professional equipment and software, the results truly bring the young people's imaginations to life through these collaborative projects.

Below are some example from a series of 10 films created by Year 6 students, all shot and edited in 5 days - featuring radioactive rabbits, scientific marvels, and magical jewellery!

Music Video Workshops

Working with Suffolk Young Carers, The Offshoot Foundation has brought an on-going series of music video workshops to children who care for, or are affected by family members with disabilities or illnesses.

These workshops encourage the young carers to create their own music videos for their favourite music and fulfil their own ideas - be it a story, singing or dancing!  Working in teams, they're able to work together towards their goals and produce their videos over the course of a day, in time for a premiere screening at the end.

Not only do these workshops give the young carers a break from their day-to-day responsibilities, they've also been hugely successful in developing their enthusiasm and skill in film making, as well as boosting their confidence and communication skills by working with new people.

In addition to working with the young carers, these workshops have been successfully run with schools, colleges and our young film makers groups - below are just a few examples of what they've created.

Summer Film Schools

Film Trailers

Film trailer workshops are a great, quick introduction to the fundamentals of film making.  Often used as a precursor to our film making workshops, the film trailers see young people working in multiple teams to film, direct and edit their own trailers.

We've had hundreds of these trailers made during our workshops - featuring everything from bumbling superheroes to not-so-spooky ghosts!

Using more intermediate equipment, these workshops have proven to be a fantastic and speedy introduction to film making for those new to it, and a great way for all our young people to meet new people, develop their teamwork and encourage their creativity.