Our workshops are run by professional filmmakers who are all DBS certified. Students will work closely with our team to plan, shoot and edit during the various workshops. 

The workshops are suitable for a variety of ages from 7 years plus, depending on the workshops, and can be run in schools, at youth groups, with young people with SEN or disabilities and community groups.

We provide all equipment: cameras, lights, tripods, sound, Apple Macs, editing software, etc.

The workshops develop teamwork, communication skills, confidence and leadership skills.

 All films produced will be available online for students to download once completed.

Accommodation of the workshops can be provided, or we can use your premises, whatever works best for you and your young people.

 Due to the nature of film our workshops can always be flexible to your students’ needs, abilities and timeframes. If you have an idea or a specific brief, please talk to us.


Can be a half or full day workshop - *

Back to Basics Bronze Workshops – Suits ages 10+

This workshop introduces young people to the equipment used to make films from phones to camcorders to professional cameras. They partake in the many production roles and learn production techniques whilst developing their skills in visual storytelling. Each week, students will build up their basic knowledge of being behind the camera and also be given the opportunity to work in front of the camera.  

Back to Basics Silver Workshops –Suits ages 12+

Following on from the first course, we help develop the many film making techniques, both using the camera and the post production process. Using our professional equipment, the young people work in small teams to write, produce, film and edit several small films during the sessions.

 Back to Basics Gold Workshops –Suits ages 13+

Carrying on from the previous workshops, they will begin taking their filmmaking to a more advanced level. Working in larger production teams they develop their own scripts and work on films that they will submit for film competitions, preferably using professional actors. Participants must have completed at least one of the previous Back to Basics Workshops.

 Script to Screen Workshops – Suits ages 13+

This workshop guides students through creative exercises to work on genre, character and story development. Planning and devising stories they will shoot and edit their film with our assistance over a number of days. Starting with a simple idea we can help you develop them into a script, thinking about characters, plot and story development.

*Music Video Workshops – Suits ages 10+

In these workshops creativity is key! Students will work in a fun, fast paced, engaging and practical way to create their own music video from a soundtrack of their choice. Have a song you want to create a music video for? Think you can do better than the original music video? Then this workshop is for you! Using whatever style you want, from dance to mime to story-telling, the possibilities are endless. We can shoot inside or out on location depending on weather, the choice is yours. Finish the workshop by learning the techniques to edit your film.

 *Editing Workshops – Suits ages 10+

Using footage previously shot you will be putting together short scenes or whole films depending on your time. Using editing software – Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere - we will guide you from the basics of editing to more professional techniques. 

 *Film Trailers Workshops – Suits ages 8+

This is a great beginner’s workshop. Using iMovie and our very own camcorders you can choose from a number of pre-set movie trailers to work in very small groups to film and edit an amazing, professional looking film. Mum and Dad can even be in it- but only if they are good!

 *Build a YouTube Channel Workshops - Suits ages 10+

Let us help you build your first YouTube channel and help you grow your subscribers. We teach you the basics of YouTube and help film your introduction film and your first film. With advice from current YouTubers we provide the expertise and equipment to make people want to subscribe to your channel.

 *Online Media Workshops – Suits ages 13+

These workshops can help young people learn skills that can help promote their creativity to a world-wide audience. This can be from uploading to YouTube, Soundcloud, a social media campaign, Twitter, Instagram or even building your own website. 

Documentary and Heritage Filmmaking Workshops – Suits ages 12+

Using real stories from real people we bring these stories to life using a range of techniques. Research is key to a good story and we will help guide you in this, to bring your social documentary to life on the screen. Your finished documentary will be something you will certainly be proud of and be available for viewing online and/ or at a special event.

*Animation Workshops –Suits ages 8+

In our animation workshops anything and everything is possible. We will help you create your animation masterpiece using a range of 2D and 3D materials from paper to sand to people to good old plasticine. Adding sound effects and music will bring your animations to life using all of our equipment. No experience is necessary, and you can even bring your parents.

 *Green Screen Workshops –Suits ages 8+

In small groups we will help you create a film shot entirely on Green Screen. Once filmed we will then create stop motion animations for the backgrounds which you seamlessly add in post-production. All put together by you and your imagination.

 *Go Pro Workshops – Suits ages 13+

Using very versatile Go Pro cameras we can make your filmmaking stand out from the crowd. Use the cameras on anything you can think of, skateboards, dogs, bikes, dogs, scooters and even dogs! These cameras help create exciting shots and amazing action sequences that until recently we could only dream of. 

*Audio Workshops - Suits ages 12+

We provide the pictures, be them still or moving, and your job is to create the sound. The sound could be voices, sound effects, music or a combination of all three. Using a variety of techniques and microphones build your layers of sound to make your silent film come to life.

*Producer for a Day Workshops - Suits ages 13+

You have a £10 million-pound budget and you must decide in groups how to spend your money to make your feature length film. Choose from a price list of locations, actors, crew, props, stunt guys and lots more to make your film add up. Spent too much money? You need to make cutbacks, but where and how? You decide!

4 Day Film School -Suits ages 10+

This workshop is suitable for school holidays and weekends. You can either make your own script up as part of a team or work with one of ours, the choice is yours. Help us film, light and edit whilst you concentrate on the acting and produce a film lasting up to 10 minutes. Be rewarded with a very special award ceremony and you might also be in line for your very own Oscar.

5 Day Film School -Suits ages 10+

This longer workshop is suitable for school holidays and weekends. You can either make your own script up as part of a team or work with one of ours, the choice is yours. Help us film, light and edit whilst you concentrate on the acting and produce a film lasting up to 10 minutes. Be rewarded with a very special award ceremony and you might also be in line for your very own Oscar.

 4 Day Film Challenge – Suits ages 10+

Teams of 5 or 6 are given 4 days to write, shoot, star in and edit a short film.
Are you up to the challenge? All equipment will be provided but participants are also welcome to use their own cameras/smart phones etc. Films can be any genre but must be a ‘U’ rating. Teams will be allocated on the first day.

Below are some example from a series of 10 films created by Year 6 students, all shot and edited in 5 days - featuring radioactive rabbits, scientific marvels, and magical jewellery!

Music Video Workshop Examples

Summer Film Schools

Film Trailers

Film trailer workshops are a great, quick introduction to the fundamentals of film making.  Often used as a precursor to our film making workshops, the film trailers see young people working in multiple teams to film, direct and edit their own trailers.

We've had hundreds of these trailers made during our workshops - featuring everything from bumbling superheroes to not-so-spooky ghosts!

Using more intermediate equipment, these workshops have proven to be a fantastic and speedy introduction to film making for those new to it, and a great way for all our young people to meet new people, develop their teamwork and encourage their creativity.