Our Partners

The Offshoot Foundation works with a number of different organisations, groups and companies to better accomplish our goals.  This page features those partners who we've worked with extensively on various projects, and how we've been able to better work with young and disadvantaged people with their help.

Offshoot Films

The Offshoot Foundation started as the community group side of Offshoot Films, with a focus on engaging young and disadvantaged people through creative media.

Since becoming an independent, registered charity in 2015, The Offshoot Foundation has been able to further these goals by engaging in a wider range of projects with the continued support of Offshoot Films.

For more information, visit offshoot-films.co.uk and its Vimeo channel.


Creative Learning Academy

The Creative Learning Academy (CLA) is focused on developing and delivering individual and personalised learning opportunities that champion the needs of young people and, in particular, those at risk of poor achievement outcomes.
The CLA aims to positively address the issue of education ‘off site’ for those students who may have been identified as being disengaged and who have little expectation of gaining accreditation.  The CLA focuses on motivating and supporting such students to engage in positive learning opportunities, achieve suitable accreditation and, most importantly, progress into further education, employment or training.

The CLA offers hands on, practical learning whilst working towards an accredited qualification in media technology:  OCR Cambridge National Creative iMedia (Award, Certificate or Diploma).  This vocationally related qualification takes an engaging and practical approach to learning and assessment.  In addition, students are encouraged to take on creative projects outside of school, with funding assistance from The Offshoot Foundation, giving students creative opportunities to develop their aspirations and help reach their full potential.

For more information, visit creativelearningacademy.co.uk.


Giving Young People a Voice

Giving Young People a Voice provides mentoring and youth development to young people across Suffolk, and continues to work closely with The Offshoot Foundation on projects engaging young and disadvantaged people - such as 'Who Asks Us?' and Ipswich Choices.

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