The Create Project

The Offshoot Foundation is now engaged with the Create project, run by The Apex theatre in Bury St. Edmunds.

Create supports creativity, education and enterprise in the arts for young people aged between 11-23 across West Suffolk.  The Offshoot Foundation is currently running an on-going series of film making workshops and film rush challenges, introducing young creatives to the fundamentals of film making.

The workshops allow young people to gain hands-on experience in creating their own films - from directing, acting, to editing. 

3 Day Film Challenge

The 3 Day Film Challenge is an on-going series of competitions where young people aged 12-18 create their own films from scratch to learn more about film making, teamwork and to win prizes.

Working in teams, the young people are able to write, direct, film and edit their own films with complete freedom and support from The Offshoot Foundation.

Below are the five films created at this year's 3 Day Film Challenge - showcasing the young people's creativity in films featuring everything from ghosts to killer sandwiches!

For more information about the Create project, be sure to visit its website or contact us to get involved!